Apple Mobile Apps

This can be created using xCode, in either Objective C, or Swift programming languages.

Android Mobile Apps

This can be created using Android Studio, or Eclipse.


Apple's Developer conference always has some valuable sessions to teach us all new skills. Stay tuned.

As we approach another year of the WWDC, just wanted to talk about Swift.

So what is Swift?

This is the language which took over Objective-C, as the main developer language used inside xCode, apples IDE.

Here is my list of cool Swift features:

  • enums
  • optionals
  • tuples
  • protocols

See the above link to start learning about swift.

Check out Udemy for some great courses on Swift!

Hi Everyone.

This is my new site.

My old site at: has closed, as didn’t want to pay for hosting.

This new site is run on the raspberry pie.

Still adding content, but like it so far.